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Thank you for allowing us to introduce you to what we believe in

We believe CTC PRIVATE JET delivers the most exclusive and desirable private jet experience through a combination of exceptional safety standards and a truly bespoke service. Having your aircraft managed by CTC PRIVATE JET means you will be supported by an organisation with scale, experience and a track record for airline standards of safety. We have built on our heritage as a world leader in airline pilot training and flight operations and added an approach to service delivery that is second to none.

We know that service is about doing what we promise, when we promise it. It’s about delivering on every level – always. CTC PRIVATE JET provides you with a bespoke menu of services. We can even offer a comprehensive concierge service on your command – a virtual executive assistant that can enhance your efficiency and simplify your life. CTC Aviation’s core business is airline pilot training. The organisation has a long established reputation as the pilot training and resource solutions company of choice for airlines worldwide.

Within the world of private jet management we have been building our reputation quietly and today we are also held in high regard by our private jet clients. CTC brings airline standards to the world of private jet operations. Having spent five years learning in this operating environment, we are confident in our ability to operate your aircraft to and from any airport that you may require, whilst providing you with our truly bespoke service.

I believe CTC has redefined private jet travel. Our passion, professionalism and commitment to excellence will deliver service, safety and standards that are without equal.

Stephen Jameson
Managing Director and Chief Pilot

Our guiding principles


Our team wants to be with CTC PRIVATE JET to serve with excellence – always. With years of experience in the service and aviation industries, our enthusiasm and knowledge are dedicated to just one aim: delivering perfect results.


Centres of expertise from across our company combine strengths and know-how to achieve the most integrated and intelligent solutions. From maintenance and catering to ground operations and flight dispatch, these teams work together to deliver the most effective, efficient and problem free solutions.


We know that a complex operation like CTC PRIVATE JET requires nothing less than technical perfection. Every one of a thousand details has to be precisely right for every flight. This culture of meticulous professionalism means you can relax, secure in the knowledge that we know our business inside out.


We care about everything we do. Aviation is a demanding environment and requires our constant attention. Only our best is good enough; whether that be in pre flight planning, weather monitoring, catering provision or even management accounting – when only the best will do, every detail matters.

your world
Board meeting in Prague?
Lunch in Limoges?

Time is precious

You see your world without borders – breakfast in Berlin, lunch in Limoges, a board meeting in Prague, then home in time for dinner. Your schedule might be complicated, but your travel experience need not be.

Combining your aircraft with our management skills will allow access to thousands of airports giving you the ultimate freedom. Your plan, your schedule, your timing.

Direct flights, no queues, complete flexibility and no wasted time. In a word – control.

We also believe the world is borderless.

Whether for business or pleasure, we don't want you to waste a second.

Managing your asset

Your aircraft, our care

Owning your own aircraft represents a major asset. What it must not be is a major headache.

CTC PRIVATE JET will take full responsibility for your aircraft: care for it, maintain it, monitor its performance, manage its reliability and audit the result. Your asset will be in the most capable hands possible.

Our job is to ensure that the potential challenges of aircraft ownership are invisible to you and that your aircraft is perfectly presented – every time, on time.

Exceptional service without compromise

Providing the widest choice

With CTC PRIVATE JET you are supported by an organisation with scale and real depth. We have built a team with years of experience in customer service and aviation wisdom and we have learnt that service is about doing what we promise, when we promise it.

It’s about taking care of all the little details so that you don’t have to.

At our global operations support centre our staff are dedicated to your service; to meeting your needs and anticipating problems that require elegant, client-focused solutions.

Our flight crew are equally determined to deliver the service quality you quite rightly expect. Their concern is to exceed your expectations in every respect of the operation. Their commitment is absolute.

Welcome to our world of Private Jet Management

Management options to suit you

We currently operate a variety of aircraft from the European focused Hawker 900XP to the world-roaming Gulfstream G550. Such is the level of experience of our flight planning, maintenance personnel, pilots and flight attendants we can, and do, manage a variety of private jets for our clients.

For current owners, we can tailor a management service to exactly meet your needs. Alternatively if you are considering acquiring an aircraft, why not draw on our years of experience to assist you with the procurement process?

The illustrations on the following pages show the performance capabilities and typical cabin layouts of a selection of aircraft types. Each one of them provides significant benefits to change the way you could travel in the future.

Typical aircraft options

Mid Cabin

Challenger 300Challenger 350
Challenger 605Falcon 50EX
Falcon 2000Gulfstream 150

Mid-size cabin aircraft feature additional luggage capacity and improved cabin space. Their well-appointed interiors provide a luxurious environment for business meetings at altitude or for families at leisure. With seating for up to ten passengers and a flight range of five or six hours, mid-size aircraft are an extremely versatile category.

Range from London

Typical Specifications
Mid CabinUp to 10 passengers
Range (Hours)Up to 5 hours
Range (Distance)3704 KM / 2315 M
City Pairs
Zurich - ParisGeneva - Moscow
London - St. PetersburgParis - Keflavik
Nice - LondonMoscow - Frankfurt
Example journey times from London
St Petersburg3.00 hours
Geneva1.25 hours
Lisbon2.00 hours

Typical aircraft options

Large Cabin

Falcon 900Falcon 7X
Global 5000-8000Global Express XRS
Gulfstream 450Gulfstream 550/650

Large cabin aircraft put the whole world within reach. These aircraft boast intercontinental range, in-flight service and the most spacious cabins of all. Connecting city pairs around the world, these aircraft can seat up to 14 passengers and have ample room for their luggage too. Some large cabin aircraft have ranges exceeding 15 hours.

Range from London

Typical Specifications
Large CabinUp to 14 passengers
Range (Hours)Up to 12 hours
Range (Distance)10,400 KM / 6,500 M
City Pairs
London - NairboiFrankfurt - Beijing
London - San FranciscoDubai - Hong Kong
Example journey times from London
New York7.10 hours
Hong Kong11.40 hours
New Delhi9.40 hours
San Francisco11.00 hours

The people behind CTC Private Jet

CTC has a real heritage in aviation. Our reputation has been built on innovation and creative thinking which has cemented our position as a global leader in the provision of airline pilot training and aviation services.

We have strength in depth that makes CTC PRIVATE JET what it is and as a people-focused business we would like to introduce our team to you.

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Discover the next generation of aircraft management with CTC Private Jet

CTC Aviation

CTC Aviation is the airline pilot training and resourcing company of choice for high profile airlines around the world.
Our comprehensive portfolio spans the full spectrum of aircrew selection and training, providing total solutions for our clients. With a team of some of the most highly experienced personnel in the aviation world, operational centres strategically positioned globally and our investment in state of- the art technology; our service delivery standards are the envy of many other aviation support providers the world over.


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